Our Story

It's our mission to bring wellness to the world. That's why we source our CBD from small family farms dedicated to bringing you ethically made CBD Oils. Following the best industry standards, our line of CBD products is derived from our ABACUS high terpene hemp strain. Independently tested for ingredients and dosage consistency by an independent third party lab, you can purchase with the confidence that our CBD Oils are fast, effective, and safe.

At Bewel, we believe that anyone can tell a story. We stand by ours. If you ever have any questions about our processes and procedures, you can call us directly. We'll pick up the phone, answer your email or even respond to a social media message and provide any information, test results, or answers to any other questions you may have.

Our story is important to us, because it tells the world who we are as a company and how we live out our commitment to better health, satisfied customers, and our industry. As a Bewel customer, you are the guide for this story. What we do for you—and the steps we take to ensure the quality, potency, and efficacy of our products—are daily pursuits, with you in mind.

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Full Spectrum CBD

Bred in the hills of Humboldt county, California, our hemp strain ABACUS has a high terpene profile and this profile combined with our unique extraction process makes our products different from almost all other CBD products out there today. We gently distill the ABACUS hemp flower essential oils, which consist of terpenes, esters, ketones and flavinoids before extracting the CBD. Because we do this, we are then able to add these essential ingredients back into our final product, enhancing the Entourage Effect* benefits for your well being. With other brands the essential oils are lost when heat activating the CBD.


We use ABACUS, which was the world's first seed-stable high CBD low THC cannabis hemp strain. Its origins were from well known cannabis strains that were high in terpenes making it unique from other hemp strains that were bred from fiber hemp genetics. It took seven years to create the strain from THC dominant cannabis strains to a CBD dominant seed stable hemp strain. Hemp strains legally contain less than 0.3% THC.